Red Bangs w/ Peace Now, World Wide Love & Monomania in Harajuku

This is Honoka, an 18 year old student we spotted in Harajuku recently. She had a bob hairstyle with red bangs and a bow on her head.

She is wearing a “Peace Cream” dress from the Japanese fashion brand Peace Now, which features a donut on the chest and stripes on the skirt and sleeves. She layered it over a sheer, polka dot blouse. Her patent “party down” satchel is from World Wide Love, and her loafers are paired with mismatched ruffle socks. Her accessories are from monomania: bone earrings, a lace and beads choker, as well as rings.

Honoka is a fan of Born and the GazettE. Her favorite brand is HELLCATPUNKS. Find Honoka on Twitter for regular updates.

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  1. Where can I find this see thru polka dot blouse she’s wearing?? So awesome:)

  2. I love everything of this outfit! it’s really original! I really love her hair n the accessories ⁕◟(.öˬö.)◞⁕ Thank you guys, for all the work you do everyday! (_ _) arigato