Peter Jensen x Hollywood Ranch Market in Harajuku

This pretty 19-year-old Japanese student was photographed on Omotesando Dori in Harajuku. She’s wearing a nice blue Peter Jensen wool cardigan with a frill detail running all the way around it, a pleated skirt from Ebony Ivory, gray stockings, and brown leather platform shoes. She’s also carrying an eco bag from Hollywood Ranch Market in Daikanyama. She told us that her favorite fashion brand is Journal Standard and that her favorite band is Mr. Children.

Cardigan and Pleated Skirt in Harajuku

Peter Jensen Cardigan Sweater

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  1. the frill detail makes her shoulders look wider, as well as her bust, so it could potentially make her look plump yes.

  2. i think the frill doesn’t make her look as plump as it does broad, but i still think it’s very cute. n_n.

  3. Gorgeous! I’d love to know how she styled her hair thougj :O