Phenomenon x Roc Star x Ambush in Harajuku

This 21-year-old Japanese guy was photographed in Harajuku. Look closely at these pictures, because he’s wearing a Who’s Who of Japanese streetwear brands: a leather biker jacket, t-shirt, fedora hat, sunglasses, torn jeans, and boots – along with plenty of jewelry. His tops & necklace are by Phenomenon, pants by Roc Star, rings by Ambush (Verbal) & Giza (Mademoiselle Yulia), a Tendence watch, and Dr. Martens style boots. He told us that his favorite shops in Tokyo are Phenomenon and Yes. (Yes is the Harajuku shop run by the Japanese streetwear brand Revolver.) His favorite band is Rip Slyme.

Phenomenon x Roc Star Streetwear

Japanese Streetwear in Harajuku

Giza Rings in Harajuku

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  1. Those glasses are pretty epic.
    I also like the design of the first ring on his right hand.

  2. those glasses are especially fashion in Harajuku ?
    i think i saw those before.. (like them)

  3. Cost Effective

    This guy has probably over $500USD worth of stuff on him! Those Mademoiselle Yulia rings are sold out everywhere and around or over $100USD a pop. How can he afford it?!?!