Li Lium in Phingerin, Banal Chic Bizarre, Art Comes First & Vivienne Westwood Rocking Horse Shoes

Li Lium works in Harajuku, and we see him around often. You might remember his previous looks here and here. He’s a buyer for WEGO’s BRAND MY STAR and he’s active on Instagram.

This time, Li Lium is wearing a jacket from Phingerin over Banal Chic Bizarre jeans and a denim apron from Art Comes First. His black and white rocking horse shoes are Vivienne Westwood (worn with polka dot socks), his armor ring is Vivienne Westwood, and some of his other accessories – which include a feather hat, sunglasses, and rings – are from Art Comes First.

Li Lium told us that his favorite places to shop at the moment are Art Comes First and United Arrows Sons.

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