Pieced Cantwo Top & Layered Medium Culture Skirt

This pretty 20-year-old college student is Onodera. She’s wearing a pieced knit top from Cantwo and a green and black layered gauze skirt from Medium Culture. Her outfit also includes black tights embellished with colorful butterflies and lace-up clogs from One After Another.

Her accessories include a necklace that resembles a rosary, a low-slung leather belt, a Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, an ethnic-style bracelet and two cool rings. Her fabric tote bag from Trans Continents is decorated with a large plastic strawberry.

Onodera told us her favorite designer is Marc Jacobs and she likes the music of Tokyo Incidents.
Pieced Cantwo Top & Layered Medium Culture Skirt

Pieced t-shirt & rosary necklace in Harajuku

Japanese girls w/ auburn hair & ear studs

Marc by Marc Jacobs watch & cool rings

Trans Continents bag w/ large plastic strawberry

Butterfly tights & One After Another clogs

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  1. D’awwuh she’s adorable! I love the outfit! I’d invite her for some homemade soup! *loves homemade soup*

  2. She has a very beautiful face. Really gorgeous!
    And I love the strawberry. It’s so cool!

  3. Really amazing girl i agree with her beautiful face … i wish in this country …what country continent was possible to get this lovely pieces of clothing

  4. Her looks is pretty cool, really like her hair! :)

  5. Oh she’s so pretty!
    I really love her skirt, and the outfit as a whole looks good on her.
    Before I saw her favourite music I thought “I bet she likes Tokyo Jihen….” X3

  6. i love the gypsy-girl look—she is very pretty :-)

  7. Love everything about this outfit but the shoes. She has awesome hair!

  8. oh my god, it doesnt happen often that i think a outfit is just more than absolutely great, but this is one!!! she is really pretty and i love her style ^^

  9. Wow! So beautiful! She would look amazing in anything.

  10. She’s perfect!! I would love to have that shirt…

  11. love it!! especially the butterfly tightes.. and er adorable freckles :Dh

  12. she is so pretty! i love her scull ring and her hair ;o;

  13. she is so pretty, love her hair and socks and shoes

  14. Omg. Her face is gorgeous. I have a soft spot for her clothing, I wear a lot of similar things. lol.

  15. Wow, the close up shot of her face is lovely. Like a japanese mona lisa. I’m in love with this young lady.