Pierced Harajuku Girl’s Zombie Dress, Creepers & Screw Cross Necklace

Here’s an edgy 17-year-old Japanese girl named Kyuri. Kyuri’s multiple piercings (including gauged ears and a nose piercing) definitely made her stand out from the Harajuku crowd.

Kyuri is wearing a “Zombies From The Swamp” v-neck t-shirt dress from Kinji along with tiger-decorated tights from Nadia Harajuku and George Cox creepers. Accessories include a studded hairband, studded and leather bracelets, a handkerchief arm band, and several skull rings. Kyuri handmade her cross necklace out of metal screws and wire (it’s a fantastic punk take-off on the current wooden cross necklace trend in Tokyo). Kyuri didn’t tell us about where her backpack came from, but it looks like a standard Outdoor products model that’s been heavily customized with spikes, buttons, and even a bondage teddy bear.

Kyuri’s piercings are obviously a crucial part of her look – including numerous facial piercings, a huge spiral gauged earring, and even pierce marks on her collar bone/chest. When we asked her about her interests, she told us that her favorite band is Slipknot and her favorite fashion brand is George Cox. If you’d like to know more about Kyuri and her piercings, check out her personal blog.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Wow so all those red marks are from peircings? :O

    She looks absolutely Stylen’ as well! :D

  2. awesome tights, awesome necklace. she is a human cartoon. (that is good!) so interesting. one look is NOT enough. cool.

  3. she’s amazing! she looks so cool. her peircings are awesome

  4. Burl Hays

    I like the look, but not for a 17 year old. I hope she doesn’t regret these decisions a few years from now!

  5. WOW she is sooooo VICIOUS LOOKING, even her TEDDY BEAR I am AFRAID of!!!

  6. love her style so hardcore alot of harajuku styles are cute but she’s made up her own style and it really suites her :)

  7. I love everything about her, she is awesome. Her style is so unique, and the piercings are very good on her looks.

    I don’t get why people are so worried about wither or not a stranger is going to “regret” piercing/tattoos in the future. She’s just living in the moment and that’s great. She looks super cute too. Love the tights, shoes, shirt/dress super dooper cute. PS I had most of those piercing with no regrets. I took some out and all that’s left is a little dot to remind me I had it;)

  9. LMAO!! This is not Harajuku or Japanese style……it’s called punk and it’s American. ;]

  10. Yuki-Chan

    This is my kind of style! love everything about it especially the piercing’s and shirt! <3 <3

  11. kinako milk

    she has same size gauge as me *high five*. she looks cute but spikey (´▽`) love it.

  12. Lova her accessories ttm~~ her tights is tempting me, where did she bought it from?

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  14. The correct term is ‘stretched ears’ not ‘gauged’. I love how edgy she looks.

  15. i love that outfit and the green glasses :D
    Anyway I don’t like her eyebrow piercing much.

  16. Actually punk started in the UK, remember the Sex Pistols?
    Although it’s not a look I’d pick for myself, kudos to her for daring to go her own way! Also, nice to see Bad Taste Bears have made it big in Japan!

  17. Roz I was just about to say the same thing, punk definitely has it’s roots in the UK, not America XD