Red Hair, Piercings, Jeremy Scott Platforms, Devilish & Iron Fist in Harajuku

Momoko is a friendly 20-year-old girl who we met on the famous Cat Street in Harajuku. Her bright red hair and multiple piercings – ear spike, stretched ear, eyebrow piercing, tongue piercings, labret, and belly button piercings – are what first caught our attention.

Momoko is wearing layered tops from Glad News and Dog Osaka with a HellcatPunks skirt and Jeremy Scott x Adidas winged platform sneakers. Accessories – some of which came from Monomania – include headphones, studded bracelets, a leather arm cuff by Devilish, a large ring, a gold finger tip (looks like Fangophilia), and an Iron Fist zombie backpack (decorated with a Galaxxxy dino charm).

Find Momoko on Twitter for more pictures and info.

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  1. I love her hair cut, her outfit, and the zombie bag. I really want her zombie bag *www* and she looks really adorable, I like her style. very interesting and unique ^w^

  2. I thought wearing that type of japanese flag is a big no-no in japan :o

  3. あいみ

    That skirt is awesome! I wish I could get one myself

  4. persianOUTKAST

    @mari … that military flag of Japan (aka: The Rising Sun Flag | 旭日旗 | Kyokujitsuki) is fine anywhere; the only exception would be places that have a bit of bad history w/ Japan, such as China & South Korea.

  5. ciudadanodelmundo

    OH god… I LOVE this girl… that look just ….. <3 <3 <3 <3

  6. haha Appletoad. it is funny that you mentioned The Fifth Element. I was thinking the same thing. One if the girls, a couple posts back, is wearing a clear plastic skirt that is in the movie (the bald girl in the airport scene). I normally wouldn’t like this style but she can pull it off.

  7. “The 5th Element”? me too. However, I do not like skirt.

  8. Lucifershal0

    the whole outfit is awesome! she is very beautiful with the piercings and the red hair sold me :)