Pink Decora Fashion w/ Twin Tails, Hair Clips, 6%DOKIDOKI Printed Top and Pants, 6%DOKIDOKI Accessories & Adidas Sneakers

Meet Chami, a staf member from 6%DOKIDOKI who caught our eye with her bright pink Decora outfit and twin tails hairstyle.

Sporting a white mask, Chami stepped out in a 6%DOKIDOKI printed top with sheer sleeves paired with matching 6%DOKIDOKI printed leggings. She styled her Decora fashion with pink Adidas sneakers and also wore an assortment of hair accessories, clips, beaded necklaces and beaded bracelets from 6%DOKIDOKI and Claire’s. Chami finished the look with a thick, transparent belt to cinch her waist.

Chami shared that her favorite brand to shop in is 6%DOKIDOKI. See more of her style on Instagram and follow her on Twitter.

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