Pink Dog Jacket & Nincompoop Capacity Shoes

This is Baka, a shy 17-year-old high school student we met in Harajuku. His outfit is from the Dog resale shop and consists of black-and-white leggings, a long zippered top and a short pink zippered jacket. His pink buckled shoes are from Nincompoop Capacity.

Baka’s accessories from Zaorick include a silver frog thumb ring, a two-finger phantasmagorical plastic ring and an eyeball-embellished green plastic broach. He’s carrying a hand-painted shoulder bag on a silver chain.

When we asked Baka about his favorite brands and shops the answer was Otoe and Dog. His favorite type of music is metal.
Pink Dog Jacket & Nincompoop Capacity Shoes

Top & short jacket from Dog resale shop

Handpainted shoulder bag with chain strap

Creative rings form Zaorick

Zaorick pin with eyeballs

Pink buckled shoes from Nincompoop Capacity

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  1. he looks absolutely gorgeous! this light pink suits him soooo well! pants+shoes… perfectly matched ^^
    and he’s cute… C: