Pink Hair, Bomber Jacket, Cherry Print & Rapunzel Tote in Harajuku

Sumi is one of founders of the independent Japanese fashion brand and online vintage shop Prismic Prism. We often see her around the streets of Harajuku.

In addition to her cute pink hairstyle (with ribbon bows), Sumi is wearing a vintage silk bomber jacket over a pastel top that she picked up resale at WEGO. Her skirt is also from WEGO, and there appears to be some kind of sheer layering going on as well. Other items – most of which were purchased resale – include purple and pink New Balance sneakers, a cherry print shoulder bag, a pearls necklace, an Outdoor Products graphic backpack, and a Disney Rapunzel tote bag (featuring the text “A Sparkle of Magic”).

If you’d like more info on Sumi and her fashion brand Prismic Prism, follow her on Instagram or Twitter.

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