Pink Hair & Bowler Hat w/ Chicago Bulls Top, Lanvin & Vivienne Westwood in Harajuku

20-year-old Rairi caught our eye in Harajuku with a cute look that mixes pink hair and a black bowler hat.

She is wearing a red Chicago Bulls t-shirt with a zippered mini-skirt and a bomber jacket. Her ankle strap rocking horse platform shoes are from Tokyo Bopper, and her tote bag is Lanvin. She is also wearing jewelry, including a Vivienne Westwood armor ring and a choker with a heart locked that says “The Kiss of Death”.

Rairi is on Twitter in case you want to look her up.

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  1. WestwoodBlues

    Oh, these shoes from Tokyo Bopper really fit ! Her feet look very elegant !

  2. This is the part wherein I ask ”why don’t I look like this”