Pink Hair, Pink Fashion, Amazing Nails & Knee Socks in Harajuku

Julia is a 17-year-old student we met in Harajuku. She has long pink hair, round glasses, and a naval hat.

Julia is wearing a pink pleated skirt with a cardigan and pink sailor collar. She is also wearing over the knee socks with red crosses and bows and studded platform sneakers. Her eye print backpack features two teddy bears. She accessorized with plush charms, stickers, long nails with cute nail art, angel pins, rings and bows.

She told us that Spinns is her favorite place to shop and that she likes visual kei music. Find out more about Julia on Twitter.

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  1. Swiss-girl

    She’s wearing the swiss flag ❤️❤️ I wonder if it on purpose (O_O)(´・Д・)」

  2. TenshiRocket

    Swiss-girl: That is not the Swiss flag. ^__^ That is the ambulance symbol. She is dressed as a nurse, right?

  3. You need seriously skinny legs to work the thigh socks routine! And she does it well!