Pink Hair & Gothic Harajuku Fashion w/ h.NAOTO, Yosuke & Algonquins

Kyouka and Kanai are two regulars around the streets of Harajuku. Their dark gothic (or visual kei) looks caught our eye this time, and they were nice enough to stop for a few snaps.

Kyouka – on the left with long dark hair – is wearing a vest top, apron, and pants by h.NAOTO Sixh along with an h.NAOTO tote bag and Yosuke platform boots. His favorite brands include h.NAOTO and Dangerous Nude and he likes the music of Moi Dix Mois, D, and Grieva. You can find Kyouka on Twitter.

Kanai – on the right with pink hair – is a model. Her look includes a sheer h.NAOTO top with a tiered gothic skirt from Algonquins and Yosuke studded shoes. Accessories – some of which came from the Japanese brand MalkoMalka include a silver ghost ring, striped socks, a harness, an h.NAOTO waist bag, and a Sexpot Revenge handbag. Her favorite fashion brands are Hypercore and h.NAOTO. She likes the music of Kagerou. Find Kanai on Instagram or Twitter.

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  1. Inspiring from head to toe! You look beautiful together.