Dark Pink Hair, Gremlins, Long Coat & Platform Sandals in Harajuku

We met 20-year-old freelance model CandyYUKKO in Harajuku when her dark pink bob hairstyle and smile caught our eye.

She is wearing a long pinstriped shopcoat she purchased resale over a Uniqlo Gremlins tee and a blue and green plaid skirt she bought at a resale shop. Her black platform sandals are from Spinns, and she bought her plastic bracelets at Spiral. She carries a canvas tote from Ayumi Seto’s brand Batty Garage By Aymmys.

Three of CandyYUKKO’s favorite fashion sources are Pameo Pose, Aymmy in the batty girls, and Bubbles Tokyo. She likes to listen to Capsule, One OK Rock, and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Find out more about her on Instagram and Twitter!

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