Pink-Haired Harajuku Girl w/ Denim Candy Stripper Eyeball Purse

Meet You, a striking 17-year-old Japanese student who we ran into on the street in Harajuku. We’ve snapped her previously, and both times You’s style has been exceptionally eye-catching.

You is wearing an oversized red Mickey Mouse jacket from Sevens over a One Spo top, a leather (or vinyl) star-covered skirt from Glad News over a tulle skirt (or shorts), Vive Vagina tights, ruffle socks, and red studded suede creepers. Accessories – some of which came from Glad News – include cute bone hair clips in her pink hair, sunglasses, and a large denim eyeball purse from the Harajuku brand Candy Stripper. She’s also decorated her nails in red & blue with stars, diamonds, and the Union Jack flag.

You told us that her favorite shop is Candy Stripper and she likes to listen to R&B music. If you’d like to know more about her, check out You’s blog or follow her on Twitter. You is also an aspiring singer, and you can watch a short clip of her singing on You Tube here.

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  1. Are those type of creepers only available in japan?