Pink Hair, Sheer Top, Bustier & Bubbles Harajuku Golden Pants

19-year old Yumi caught our eye in Harajuku with her pink asymmetric bob and cute beret, while she was wearing a black and gold outfit.

Yumi’s top is Meno (a well-known Harajuku resale shop), and she layered it with a black Bubbles Harajuku bustier on top. She accessorized with a subtle golden necklace, violet contacts and a black lip. Her golden pants are from Bubbles, in great harmony with the black and gold purse with a chain strap. Her rocking horse shoes are from Tokyo Bopper, and she paired them with origami print sheer socks (or tattoo tights).

We asked Yumi about her shopping habbits, and she told us her favorite store is I am I. You can find our more about her on Twitter, where she goes as @tkym888.

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  1. Why is she wearing her bra on the outside of her shirt
    Just… no. I’m all for being unique but that’s going a little too far out there.

  2. It’s not a bra, it’s a bustier. You’re supposed to wear it the way she is.