Pink Hair w/ Skeleton Vest, Acid Wash, Suspenders & Volatile Sneakers

With pink hair and a cool retro style, Ketsumo did not go unnoticed. We stopped her and took some snaps, while also chatting about fashion. She told us she’s 16 and a student. She is wearing contacts, cat eye make-up and rhinestones under her eyes.

Ketsumo is wearing rolled up acid wash jeans from Chicago, with checkered suspenders and white/pink platform sneakers from Pin Nap Harajuku (the brand is Volatile). She paired them with a plaid button down shirt and a skeleton vest from Nadia. Her black tote bag is American Apparel, accessorized with a yin and yang pin. Other accessories include a baseball cap, a sequin choker, a bead bracelet and ring, a badge on the pocket of her jeans and round sunglasses. She told us she got them at Bubbles, and she gave us her Twitter handle in case you want to look her up.

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  1. Her vest is backwards. I have the same shirt. it doesn’t look good that way, there is no spine in the front of the body.