Pink Hair, Tulle Skirt, Heart Bag & Esperanza Platforms in Shibuya

Here’s a cool Japanese girl with pink (or lavender) hair and amazing purple lenses who we street snapped in Shibuya. She told us that she bought several of the items in her outfit from Shibuya 109, including her cute tall Esperanza platform shoes.

Her look features a denim jacket over a lavender hoodie over a pink top, a tulle skirt with purple tint, polka dot stockings, ruffle socks, and the purple/lavender platforms from the Japanese brand Esperanza. Accessories include ribbon hair bows on her twintails, sunglasses, a choker (“tattoo necklace” is what they call it here in Tokyo), a large cross necklace, several Barbie buttons, a heart-shaped purse, and cute bows on her socks.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. Ah never knew Esperanze sold those sorts of shoes, always thought since it’s in 109, it would be more stilletos and sandals than anything ^^;

    And her tattoo necklace- I stil have mine from when I was a kid, it was a really cool thing to have in the 90s ;)

  2. I remember the tattoo necklace too – they were so modern once. And it seems they have a revival in tokyo :)

  3. esperanze!! I bought mine in sinjuku stadion there is a big store there and less girls then 109:-) cant waith to have some sun here in amsterdam to wear them, and count te days to get there again soon:-)

  4. those shoes are so lovely and delicate-looking.
    adore her hair!

  5. I’m always a sucker for pastels and a denim jacket. Love the hair and the bows!