Here are two friends who we spotted walking together on the street in Harajuku. It’s always interesting to us when we see people with different personal styles hanging out together. In this case, one girl is colorful kawaii while the other is wearing an earthy Mori Girl-esque look.

The girl on the left with pink hair is wearing an oversized pink-and-aqua jacket over a pink and blue layered tops, a white and pink tulle skirt, a colorful backpack (with a large plush character attached), white tights, ruffle socks, and pink print sneakers with lace laces. Her friend is wearing layered knit and lace items with cute Swimmer Teddy Bear print tights and boots. Her bag is a canvas tote printed with the word “LOVE”.

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  1. pink and aqua are such happy colours together! They really pop and make you smile inside.

  2. Victoria Moore

    They are both really adorable. Do you think they’d mind if I copied some of their look?

  3. I love their contrasting looks! AND I WANT THAT GIRL ON THE LEFT’S HAIR