Pink-Haired Girl’s Short Tiered Skirt, Sleeveless Vest & Swimmer Purse

This cute girl with long pink hair and a big dotted bow is Yui, a 17-year-old student. Her stylish outfit consists of a short tiered chiffon skirt, a sleeveless vest over a dotted camisole and strappy metallic sandals. Accessories include a leather collar with silver chains, a vintage watch necklace and a variety of metal and jeweled bracelets. Her fingers are dressed up with lavender glitter nail polish and small rings. Her vinyl print purse is from Swimmer.

Yui told us her favorite fashion sources are MA*RS, Liz Lisa and TutuHA. Her favorite music genre is visual kei. You can find out more about Yui on her official blog.
Short Tiered Skirt, Sleeveless Vest & Swimmer Purse

Long pink hair, dotted hair bow & vintage watch necklace

Swimmer vinyl print purse

Glitter bow & jeweled bracelet

Lavender glitter nails & silver bracelets

Strappy metallic sandals

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  1. She’s cute! Is it me, or does she look pretty tall?

  2. Is that a wig or coloured natural hair? Am curious about most Japanese hair…are they all real hair or wigs??? And they all look so good…Love her style!!!

  3. its a mixture of both! some of them have dyed their hair and some wear wigs! but im pretty sure what she has on is a wig!

  4. Absolutely awesome!!!! *_* (I totaly LOVE combination – black – pinku)
    and she’s so pretty!

  5. I wonder if the PINK upstairs MATCHES the downstairs :O

  6. I’ve been following her blog for some time! Its nice seeing her randomly pop up here!

  7. I LOVE it!!!! :D!!!! I want to dye the hair with that color :D!! *-*//

  8. Oh wow! She’s really cute, and her hands are so elegant! <3