Pink-Haired Japanese Cartoonist’s Street Style w/ Teddy Bear Sleeping Eye Mask, Zipper Earrings, San To Nibun No Ichi Tweety Bird T-Shirt Dress, JanSport Backpack & Converse

Meet Minami, an 18-year-old cartoon artist we bumped into on the streets of Tokyo.

Minami is sporting long pink hair with short bangs, which she styled with a cute pink teddy bear sleeping eye mask. She is dressed in a blue oversized Tweety Bird t-shirt dress from San To Nibun No Ichi embellished with kanji print pin badges. Rounding out her look are knee-high ribbed socks with contrast dark red stripes, blue Converse sneakers and a pink JanSport printed backpack. Clear glasses, cute zipper earrings in mismatched colors and a white face mask are the finishing touches to her casual style.

San To Nibun No Ichi and 6%DokiDoki are listed as Minami’s fashion favorites, while her favorite music groups include SHINee, SJ and Hide. Follow Minami’s colorful streetwear styles on Instagram.

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