Pink Hat, Striped Pants & Marc Jacobs Shoes

This is a member of the Spinns shop staff named Mikki, who’s 19-years-old. Her cropped graphic sweatshirt and brightly patterned pants are from resale shops. She’s also wearing pink shoes from Marc Jacobs. Her accessories, some of which are from Pylones, include a bright pink plush hat, a fur collar and a single crocodile earring.

Mikki told user her favorite fashion brand is Gerlan Jeans. She likes K-pop music. You can see more pictures of Mikki on her website.
Pink Hat, Striped Pants & Marc Jacobs Shoes

Resale top & fur collar

Plush pink hat & crocodile earring

Striped pants & Marc Jacobs shoes

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  1. I love her style! Its always so cool. My favorite part is the fur collar and the proportions of the cool cropped vintage top with the pants.

    For street fashion illustrations, check out my blog!

    Also to the person that posted above, I have seen Yoruko Banzai’s tiger jacket, its really cool!