Pink & Purple Hair, Sheer Layers, Over-The-Knee Socks & Platforms in Harajuku

Natalie and Michelle are a couple of 21-year-old students we ran across on the streets of Harajuku. They were wearing sheer layers and dark colors that intrigued us.

Natalie is the one with blond and pink hair, and she’s active on Instagram. She’s wearing a mesh dress with flag design over a galaxy print skirt, both of which she bought in Hong Kong. Her bag is from H&M and she bought her platform sneakers online. Her flower and spikes headband, earrings, statement necklace, bracelets and rings are all from H&M and from a shop in Kyoto. Natalie’s favorite music is electronica.

The girl with purple and pink hair is Michelle. She is wearing a H&M dress with over the knee socks and lace-up ankle boots. Her bracelets and watch are from Cheap Monday, and she’s carrying a DSLR camera. Natalie’s favorite band is Icona Pop, and she’s active on Instagram.

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  1. :D I have that rainbow chain bracelet! I feel special now :)