Pink Skirts, Vintage Clock Bag & Dr. Martens Boots

We met these two brightly dressed girls in Harajuku. On the left is 24-year-old Sawaya, whose favorite places to shop for fashion are vintage stores. Her colorful outfit includes a vintage cartoon t-shirt, denim jacket with 6%DokiDoki pins, and a panier skirt. She’s wearing green Dr. Martens boots with pink patterned tights. Her cute clock bag dominating her outfit is vintage. Sawaya’s favorite band is Jet Thunders.

The girl on the right is 24-year-old Hiroko. She’s wearing a Jet Thunders t-shirt and a black leather motorcycle jacket from Sexy Dynamite London. Her skirt is vintage and her purse is from Vivienne Westwood. Her accessories are from Hysteric Glamour. Hiroko has black tights and pink Dr. Martens boots. Her favorite shop is Betty’s Blue and she likes the band The Sorry on Parade.

Pink Skirts and colorful Dr. Martens boots

Cute Japanese girl with vintage clock bag

Denim jacket and frilly pink skirt

Colorful hair and vintage t-shirt

Pink and green Dr. Martens boots

Vivienne Westwood bag

Jet Thunders t-shirt & Sexy Dynamite London Jacket

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  1. jesika lin

    is that her real hair? awesome dye job, im jealous! im also loving the pink puffy skirts!

  2. I think the clock bag thingy is actually ticking o__O Look closely at the second sweeper, it’s moved :o

  3. I love Sawaya’s outfit, especially her bag and her hair is hyped! <3