Pink Tights, Monomania Top & Romantic Standard

This super-cute Japanese girl (with a great short bob hairstyle) and cool Japanese guy were photographed in Harajuku. The girl is a 24-year-old artist who calls herself “Harajuku Anna”. She’s wearing a long top with a scary-cute cartoon illustration from Monomania under a patchwork hooded jacket from WEGO. Her bright pink tights are from the Don Quijote discount store. Anna’s black boots with bright green laces (from the Hanjiro resale store) are a nice complement to this colorful outfit. Her pink backpack is from Thank-you Mart and she’s decorated it with accessories from 6%DokiDoki.

Anna’s favorite fashion brand is Candy Stripper and her favorite band is Judy and Mary. If you can read Japanese, visit Anna’s blog, Harajuku-Anna.

On the right is Sato, a 35-year-old company employee. He’s wearing a Romantic Standard quilted jacket over World Wide Love jeans and shoes from Hanjiro. His cool glasses and haircut make a stylish statement.

Pink Tights, Long WEGO Shirt & Romantic Standard

Long WEGO Shirt and Patchwork Hoodie

Pink Backpack with 6%DokiDoki Accessories

Japanese Girl in Hanjiro Boots with Bright Green Laces

Japanese Guy with Romantic Standard Jacket

Cool Japanese Guy with Stylish Glasses and Haircut

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  1. Love everything about them!!! So bright! Wish I was brave enough to wear something like this! And love her boots!

  2. He looks pretty unconventional for a company employee!
    Love her jacket *-*

  3. Mannen kallas för arbetarklass i Sverige… Exakt samma mode! Jättesnyggt dock :D