Pink Twin Tails, Cartoon Pants & Candy Stripper x Amoyamo Sneakers in Harajuku

Gesopi was a colorful presence on the street in Harajuku, so we stopped her for a few snaps. She told us she’s 22 and she works in apparel. We shot a video street snap of Gesopi last month.

Gesopi’s hair is pink, and she was wearing it in twin tails. Her oversized Buzz Lightyear t-shirt is a resale find, and her cartoon pants were bought from Disneyland. Her studded backpack is HiLDK. Her sneakers are from the usually sold out Candy Stripper x Amoyamo collection, with spike and buckle anklets. She bought her necklace, watch, and bracelet from Sevens. She’s also wearing lots of earrings and piercings, as well as a Monsters Inc. cap.

Gesopi’s favorite shop is Doarat, and her favorite bands are But by Fall and My First Story. Find out more about her on Twitter.

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  1. polarduck

    She is so adorbs and have monolids just like me! ^___________^