Pink Twintails, Flower Harness, NeoTokyo & Liz Lisa in Harajuku

Hikaru and Yuiyui are two stylish teens we met in Harajuku, both in colorful and fun outfits.

Hikaru is 18 and he’s a student. He is wearing a handmade checkered leather jacket over a Hysteric Glamour t-shirt. His tie dye pants are from Boutique NeoTokyo , worn with Yousuke studded shoes and a Hysteric Glamour bag featuring Joey Ramone. His hair is slightly green, and he’s also wearing a spike choker and face mask. Hikaru’s favorite band is AC/DC and he’s active on Twitter.

Yuiyui is 16 and she has pink hair in twintails. She is wearing a white shirt dress by Liz Lisa with a colorful, handmade harness on top, and a yellow faux fur backpack by Uniqlo. We also noticed her black shoes are tied with ribbons. Yuiyui’s favorite music is Vocaloid, and she’s on Twitter as well.

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  1. I think that his pants are actually not tie-dye, I think they probably started off black and where bleached till they had those shite/orange parts. :)