Pink Vintage Dress and Cropped Pants w/ Boots

This cute couple was photographed in Harajuku. The girl’s name is Natsuki and she’s 19 years old. She’s wearing a pink vintage dress with lace insets over a white ruffled blouse from the HUG vintage shop. She’s also wearing a wide tan leather and cloth belt, maroon tights and Can Two lace-up boots. Accessories include a long necklace with a metal toy pendant and a vintage watch from Fizz worn over her blouse. Her brown leather backpack is from the Bunkaya Zakkaten vintage and resale shop in Harajuku. Natsuki’s favorite shops are HUG and Fizz vintage.

Her friend Ryatoro has cool glasses and is wearing a black leather motorcycle jacket. His cropped black pants show his black buckle boots. He’s also wearing a black backpack for Outdoor Products (with a few Bearbricks attached to it) and his hanging suspenders add a stylish touch. His favorite music is Janne Da Arc and his favorite stores are Rage Blue and United Arrows.

Pink Vintage Dress and Hanging Suspenders in Harajuku

Japanese Girls with vintage dress and ruffled blouse

Vintage backpack from Bunkaya Zakkaten

Japanese guy with glasses and black leather jacket

Black packpack and hanging suspenders in Harajuku

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  1. pretty! i’m not normally a pink person but i like that tone of pink. they are adorable. not too many accessories, just the way i like it. perfect.

  2. I love her shoes and how cute her dress is, I love the layered affect it’s cute and classic look

  3. I love the girl’s classic yet cutesy look! She did the layering really well, and her boots and bag is a nice vintage brown colour!