Cute Pixie Cut, Round Glasses & Didizizi Mustard Coat in Harajuku

Natsumi is 18 years old and she’s a student. We loved her short Japanese pixie cut, mustard coat and round glasses when we spotted her on the street in Harajuku.

Natsumi is wearing a midi dress from Comme Ca Du Mode over a blue shirt, with a coat from Didizizi. Her denim tote bag, with a printed elephant, is from Hunting World. She is also wearing white houndstooth tights, socks and Haruta loafers. She accessorized with round, oversized glasses, a “yummy” pin, a small geometrical necklace and a cute ring, and she told us her accessories are from Aquvii.

Natsumi is active on Twitter. She likes to do her shopping at I am I, and her favorite band is Big Bang.

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  1. good! cute! smashing colours combination! I would only suggest more conditioner on hair to keep it healthier looking but this girl is really lovely and i like her style…even this socks :)
    colours i like…well done girl!

  2. Love the pops of blue with the socks, pin and shirt!

  3. Nice mustard coat, I have a fall season feeling….

  4. What a sweet outfit! Love all the different rich colors. Also, such lovely eyes!! Very pretty :)

  5. I want to marry her and steal all of her clothes, accessories.. and her style, if possible.

  6. Princess Paris

    Wuoohh so coolllllllllllll. She looks adorably geeky

  7. fruitygirl

    teal socks, white houndstooth tights, loafers! awesome!

  8. She is very cute in that outfit and my favorite band is also Big bang! :)

  9. deathbyglitter

    Incredibly charming!!!!! ❤ Love her!!! ❤