Plaid h.NAOTO Fashion, Striped Socks, Studded Heels & Piercings in Harajuku

Ringo is a stylish 18-year-old student who we have been seeing around Harajuku quite often lately. Her rock-inspired looks always catch our eye.

Ringo’s look includes a jacket, net top and puffy skirt plaid skirt all from h.NAOTO, striped garter socks, and chunky spiked heels from Yosuke USA. Accessories include a labret piercing, multiple ear piercings, a plaid headpiece, a skeleton hands necklace, a studded leather choker, a Vivienne Westwood armor ring, an eyeball ring, other silver rings, and Algonquins backpack.

Ringo’s favorite designer is h.NAOTO and she enjoys the music of the Japanese visual kei band Matenrou Opera. For more info, find her on Twitter or Facebook!

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  1. あいみ

    Like her style but oh my god her legs are so skinny. I gotta say I’m jealous.

  2. omg o-o i am jealous. she’s very pretty and stylish

  3. In love with her fashion!! I love her accessories and outfit. Ringo is very addorbs >w<

  4. she’s so cool but at the same time so cute and sweet omg *^*

  5. Omg she is so pretty!! and that outfit woooah! She’s so thin and cute.. perfection like Elly said

  6. Sarah Slaughter

    Omg so prettyy, so cool, gotta love them piercings and just.. everything! *▽*

  7. I LOVE her lashes – anyone know what make they are?