Plaid Streetwear Style in Harajuku w/ Curly Twin Tails, HEIHEI Sweater, Chicago Harajuku Pleated Skirt, Bowler Bag & Dr. Martens Boots

Standing out on the streets of Harajuku in her red plaid ensemble is Miori, a student we often feature on our street snaps.

Sporting curly twin tails styled with red bows, Miori stepped out in a red HEIHEI sweater, which features a plaid bow and collar, and kanji prints. She paired her sweater with a red plaid skirt from Chicago Harajuku and stepped into a pair of black leather Dr. Martens boots. In addition, Miori is carrying a red bowler bag with plaid print and black contrast trims and strap, which she said is her mom’s.

Miori likes to shop at Wall, and she is active on Instagram.

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