Plaid & Teddy Bear Print w/ Kinji Resale & Pink Hair in Harajuku

Meet Misato and Akane, two stylish 19 year old students we snapped in Harajuku.

Misato is the one with lilac hair, wearing a teddy bear print jacket, which she bought used from Kinji. Her bottoms are Spinns and her tote bag is American Apparel x WC. She paired her burgundy, cross-strap, velvet shoes from Dazzlin with white socks, and she’s got colorful nail art. We also noticed her Kinji cameo choker. Misato told us that she likes resale shops and Jouetie most of all, that she listens to LGYankees and that she’s active on her blog.

Akane is the one in twin tails, wearing a plaid blazer and shorts, which she bought at a resale shop in Shimokitazawa. She paired them with a yellow V-neck from Thank-You Mart and a lace turtleneck underneath. Her leather backpack is Ralph Lauren and her shoes are Dr. Martens. She is also wearing a plaid beret, French fries hair accessories, a playing cards badge and a keys necklace with glasses hung to it. She accessorized with a cameo ring, colorful nail art, and blue Adidas socks. You can read more about Akane on her blog.

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  1. Pretty, pretty, pretty girls in gorgeous outfits! They’re looking so happy and cute. I especially love the girl with purple hair – she’s amazing ♥

  2. SeafoamParade

    Love the velvet shoes, and teddy bear shirt ~ soooo cute, and the style of the gal on the left is adorable!

  3. People think the tie up shoes look better than birkenstock. People and there fashion taste. Otherwise cute.

  4. Misato’s hair and teddy bear jacket are truly some of the best things I’ve seen in a while and Akane’s reminds me of Clueless with a twist (never a bad things). Great looks!