Platform Buckle Boots, Ripped Leggings & Pink Hair in Shibuya

Here are two girls – one with blonde hair, the other with pink hair – wearing dark rock/goth fashion on the street near Shibuya 109 in Tokyo.

The pink-haired girl is wearing a puffer jacket with a bomber-style bottom, a leopard scarf, polka dot stockings, and chunky heels with black lace bows on them. The blonde girl is wearing a studded military coat over a skeleton-print hoodie, torn leggings, and tall platform buckle boots. Both girls are carrying black leather purses – one of them covered in studs, the other decorated with a plush bunny charm.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. They both look absolutely stunning and amazing! Really great. Lovely pictures.

  2. love it… the girl with the pink hair is cute and the blonde hair is more in to the edgy style…

  3. nice styles
    and the pinkhaired girl got a born strap. good taste of music haha

  4. So cool XD Hey, so the plush cat keychain on the blonde girls bag, isn’t he Rin’s fellow from Ao no Exorcist? (the demon cat guy)

  5. The pink haired girl looks kind of like Aragaki Yui, face-wise. 0:

  6. ohh!i really love the girl on the right’sstyle!!

  7. They both looks really good! I am a huge fan of black/punk clothing items and they did a great job at pairing the clothes! I need to shop with them!

  8. coraazngirl

    the girl with the blonde hair reminds of Cl from 2NE1 for some reason XD

  9. FurikoMaru

    The girl on the left… her hair is *so* perfect. I wonder if she had that shade custom-mixed or something? It has such a nice, oddly natural feel – different from an out-of-the-box novelty colour.

  10. Gorgeous!!! Especially the chick on the left I love pink hair she has a beautiful face too!!

  11. Blonde hair her jacket ! *q*
    where can I get it ? ;;