Play Heart x Comme des Garcons, Alexander Wang & Chanel

This cute girl is a 21-year-old student that we photographed in Shinjuku. She’s wearing a Comme des Garcons “Play Heart” t-shirt with a bright high-waisted skirt from Zara. She’s also wearing black tights and a pair of unique pointed-toe buckled boots from Alexander Wang. Her puffy vinyl purse is from Chanel. Finally, her graphic jacket gives her outfit a sophisticated vibe.

When we asked about her favorite fashion brands and shops the answer was K3 and Opening Ceremony. Her favorite musician is Lady Gaga.
Play Heart x Comme des Garcons, Alexander Wang & Chanel

Play Heart t-shirt from Comme des Garcons

Puffy Chanel purse

Pistol ring w/ yellow & orange nails

Alexander Wang boots

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  1. She’s pretty! Cute hairstyle, love her outfit that she’s put together and especially love her gun ring!! :)

  2. OMG I loved her outfit in general, the more I fell in love with shoe so different and wonderful and perfect purse as well. This girl really has style.

  3. I like the full orange/yellow combination, even her nails are great, that skirt is very nice and very trippi, her coat looks awesome, I’ve always love big different type of fonts press on fabric, is a very casual and young style, her rings are cool as well as her boots. really robotic boot I may say… Love it, total coordination!

  4. ohhh I got some new inspiration! love it work it!

  5. stunning style and beautiful hair! She’s a real beauty! The only thing I TRULY DISLIKE is that garbage like looking chanel bag… :(

  6. I  everything from head to toes~~~ kekes ESP her accessories n boots

  7. WHOA!! She looks just like model! I love every piece of her clothing!!

  8. Thag bag is the cocoon bag from chanel, right? That shit is pretty expensive haha. I loveee the boots:)

  9. I love this look, it’s art! Those boots are amazing…I want them!!!

  10. Wow, she’s so cool! I love her nails and Jacket <3

  11. Love her hair. We need a page for Hair: hairstyles, hair colors etc. Thanks!

  12. C is really lokin outstanding lop all da outfit frm head to toe muah………

  13. Lady Caos

    I love how she was able to mix all those colors and still look cool!

  14. Love her; hair, nails, rings, jacket! The cutest.