Pochi in Harajuku w/ Jouetie, Striped Socks & Platform Sneakers

This is Pochi, a 19-year-old Japanese model we snapped in Harajuku. She looked cute in dripping striped socks and mixed prints, so we asked her more about her outfit.

Pochi is wearing a studded t-shirt with a graphic skirt and black parka, all from Jouetie. Her backpack is from Thrasher, and her platform sneakers are also from Jouetie. She accessorized with a triangle cap, a Nadia choker, and a charm necklace.

As you might guess, Pochi’s favorite shop is Jouetie. She also told us that she likes listening to Cantoy. For more info on her life as a model in Tokyo, check out Pochi on Twitter.

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  1. Gordon Tan

    That triangle is a bold use of non-conventional materials adding an eye-catching focus. It probably also serves as a handy weight to keep the cap on.

  2. She looks great! And she has such a cute smile, such a nice attitude~

  3. Awesome hoodie and I want her jacket its thrasher

  4. adorable and cool look, over the knee socks and platform sneakers are a “must have ” .Cool ♥