Polka Dots Japanese Street Style w/ Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Bows, Pom Pom Earrings, Handmade Bags & Tokyo Bopper Sneakers

Standing out on the streets of Tokyo with her bold red look is Kaosu, a Japanese student we met in Harajuku.

Sporting a cherry red fringed bob, Kaosu is dressed in a vintage red and white collared polka-dot corduroy dress, red ankle socks and red Tokyo Bopper sneakers. Accessories – some of which are handmade – include a white bow headdress from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, multicolored fabric pom-pom earrings, an embroidered floral choker, flower boutonnieres, a white bead bracelet and multiple cute handmade rings. Her bags – also handmade – include a drawstring knapsack and a canvas tote bag with ruffled lace trims and toy car accents.

Kaosu loves to shop at HEIHEI, Comme des Garcons and Candy Stripper and she enjoys the music of Japanese punk rock band, Ging Nang Boyz. Follow Kaosu on Instagram and Twitter. Also, check out her online handmade accessories shop, Boutique Shasharakuraku.

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