Electronic Musician Porter Robinson & Brother in Harajuku in Raf Simons, Yeezy Boosts & Bomber Jacket

We were lucky to meet American electronic musician/DJ Porter Robinson and his brother Mark on the street in Harajuku. It’s not a secret that Porter has a lot of love for Japan, and he plays shows here often. He told us that this time he’s just relaxing and enjoying a vacation in Tokyo with family.

Porter is wearing an Adidas Originals fleece jacket over a layered tee and pullover, black skinny jeans, and Yeezy 350 boosts. Porter told us that his favorite Japanese brand right now is Galaxxxy (who he did a fashion collaboration with earlier this year). For more info on Porter, check out his official Twitter, Instagram, FB, or Soundcloud.

Porter’s 16-year-old brother Mark is wearing a graphic bomber over layered tops, a knit beanie, skinny jeans, and Raf Simons velcro sneakers. His favorite fashion brand is the Japanese label Lad Musician. Mark is active on both Twitter and Tumblr if you’d like to know more about him.

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