Pour la Frime Trench over Journal Standard Skirt

We photographed this stylish Japanese girl in Harajuku. She’s layered a Pour la Frime trench coat over a long print skirt from Journal Standard (coincidentally, that’s a Journal Standard shop you can see in the background of the photo). A tasseled shawl from Forever 21 is tied around her shoulders. She’s also wearing open-toed shoes from Marui. A crochet headband around her red/auburn hair is the finishing touch to the outfit.

Pour la frime trench over Journal Standard skirt

Tasseled shawl and crochet headband

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  1. The combination of the jacket and the long skirt makes her look super tall!

  2. I’m sorry but she’s ugly + the oufit makes her look like a homless !!

  3. raynorshine

    she’d be really cute if her hair were less messy and she didn’t do that thing she’s doing with her lips. Maybe if she also stood up straight too. I really like her coat though!