Pranha, Cosmic Wonder & Makin Janma

Nozomi is a stylish 22-year-old who works in the apparel industry. She’s wearing a grey wool jacket from Prahna over an oversized dark grey cardigan from Cosmic Wonder. Her unique plaid leggings are from Makin Janma. She found her brown leather oxford-style shoes at a resale shop, which is where she also got her knit hat.

Nozomi’s accessories include a spike earring from Aqvii. She’s carrying a shopping bag from Tesco that’s decorated with ladybugs. She told user her favorite fashion brands are KAKA☆VAKA and ANFAN☆TERIBURU.
Pranha, Cosmic Wonder & Makin Janma

Prahna jacket & knit cap

Tesco bag

Resale knit hat & Aqvii earring

Makin Janma leggings & resale shoes

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  1. That’s pretty great in every respect. The pants are daring but give the outfit a needed splash of color.

  2. Actually, I like how the colors look together. The grey tone, blue and brown. It goes nicely. But I think more accessories would of really made the look.

  3. She’s adorable. :D I’m a huge fan of grey plus bright colors, so she’s my cup of tea. ♥ Also I really like her name because I’ve ridden on the Nozomi train, and it just sounds cute!

  4. Madonna Lily

    The outfit is doesn’t seem sooo good to me…but she’s got a really pretty face ♡

  5. Completely in love with the leggings. Saw a similar pair the other day and I didn’t buy them….why!? T^T