Print Overall Dress & Fringed ANAP Handbag

This flirty girl is a 22-year-old furita and model named Hami. She’s embraced the retro 1970s style for summer with a blue and white print resale top and a matching overall dress that features cute eyelet ruffles at the hem. The dress is from Min Plume and she bought it at one of the stores at Shibuya 109, which is her favorite place to shop.

She’s accessorized her outfit with a suede belt embellished with fur and high heel lace-up shoes from Esperanza. Her fringed suede bag is from ANAP. She’s also wearing jewelry from Shibuya 109 that includes a chunky gemstone bracelet and a wide white bangle bracelet on one wrist and three strands of beads on the other wrist.

Her hair is styled in curly pigtails and her handcrafted headband is pure retro hippie. She says her favorite band is Juncle Mic (from Kyoto).
Print overall dress & fringed ANAP handbag

Fringed suede ANAP handbag

Retro bracelets from Shibuya 109

Triple beaded bracelet

Handmade crochet & beaded headband

Esperanza high heel laceup shoes

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  1. @Akira: Dude, I’ve been to Japan, food is expensive! D:

    In other news, ADORABLE! <3!

  2. I LOVE everything except for the dress! The accessories are my <33333! THE SHOES! LMAO Her toenails kinda ummm yeaaaaa lol…Say it with me: NAIL CLIPPER!

  3. I agree.
    She reminds me of cutter’s wife from the Elf Quest series.

    The clothes she is wearing is awesome!

  4. Woww, LOVE the shoes <3! sooooo cute!
    but i think she need some pedicure for those nails… 0.o"

  5. Uugh, sure that she’s 22? Looks older…
    I like the outfit but I’m kinda distracted by her toenails… ugh..

  6. @Dvek yeah you’re not the only one that’s been there :]

  7. Sorry to say, but she looks proper ill 0.o
    her outfit is cute though, but people shouldn’t wear open toed shoes when they’re in need of a pedicure >_<

  8. looks not so good in front pictures but overall she’s really beautiful with the huge eyes~ I like her style. the blue and brown compliments each other and she has really nice shoes! but maybe yes, she needs to take a good 10 minutes break sometime and do her toenails a bit better :P or at least a fresh coat of nail polish~

  9. Some people are naturally thin, stop being ignorant people! The only problem is that there are two frontal images of the shoes and none of the side so we can see the actual heals. A mistake of the photographers part probably. Im a photographer too, so im aware of these things. But besides that, a very beautiful look! :D

  10. Dominique

    OMG!! It feels like she’s wearing an outfit from me. I love it! I have similar headbands that she has. I just love love love it!

  11. @Zoe – totally agree! Dress is quite nice buuut… accessories are awfuly matched [not mention pink nails ~ugh~]
    I can’t believe she’s a model! she looks much, much older than 22 and what’s with arms and face (her legs are ok, though)?!

  12. awww the girl is fine…
    she pulls a funny face in the pictures though..
    and a pedicure is needed for open toed shoes XD
    though the outfit is perfect :D