Punk Harajuku Girl w/ Piercings, Gauged Ears & Pretty Flowers

Here’s an edgy punk-inspired Harajuku girl who we’ve street snapped before, and who we’re always happy to see – it’s Kyuri! Kyuri stands out of the crowd with her multiple facial piercings and large ear gauging.

Kyuri is wearing an outfit that features a nylon bomber jacket over a punk t-shirt, a leopard print mini-skirt with a studded belt, striped stockings, and rocking horse shoes. Accessories include her pretty flower wreath headpiece, nose, lip, and eyebrow piercings, a large ear gauging, a spike ring, punk buttons (some covered in wire), and a pink bag featuring an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

If you’d like to know more about Kyuri, you can check out her page on Facebook.

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  1. http://www.japanesestreets .com/photoblog/1747/harajuku-tokyo-ma-1-uniqlo-nadia-reebok-x-jun-watanabe-bas-kosters-malaika-pussy-noize-frapbois

    I guess Marina = Kyuri
    Good that she did not show her tongue to you :)

  2. It’s stretched ears, not gauged ears. Gauge is a form of measurement. But a stunning look! I love her stockings and jacket.

  3. Please tell me the whole thing isn’t going through her ear :( But other than that, she’s killin’ ’em! Another thing I think is unnecessary is the one piece of eye-lash under her eye. But she is seriously killin’ ’em!

  4. That headband! It matches so perfectly with her hair <3 Love everything about her and her outfit!

  5. SO inspirative make-up, beautiful outfit, awesome hair with the wreath… But i donĀ“t like christian symbols on a clothes…