Punky Harajuku Girl in Nude N’ Rude, Fishnets & Studded Platforms

Here’s a punky 18-year-old Japanese student with black hair and cool eye makeup who we ran into on the street in Harajuku.

She told us her t-shirt – with a 1970s-punk-meets-Japanese-flag design – is from the Koenji indie fashion brand/shop Nude N’ Rude. Along with the t-shirt, she’s wearing faux leather shorts from Uniqlo, a belt with a Mickey Mouse buckle, fishnet stockings, lace ruffles socks, and awesome black studded platform shoes from Harajuku’s Tokyo Bopper. Accessories include a purple backpack from Masterpiece Japan (MSPC), a spiked choker, multiple studded bracelets, and a red wooden cross necklace. Some of her accessories were purchased at online auction websites.

Her favorite shops include Nadia (Harajuku) and Candy (Shibuya). She also told us that he’s a fan of the J-rock band Kegawa no Maries.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Burl Hays

    Love the whole outfit. Especially loving the unique make-up style.

  2. She’s pretty with beautiful clear skin! Great outfit too :)

  3. hairdyeGhosty

    Ahh she’s really pretty~
    Love the shirt (:

  4. awesome i would love to own her outfit really suits her :)

  5. shantayia

    LOVE THE OUT FIT just not the cross other than that its great

  6. this is so edgy, i love it!
    would prefer without fishnets but fabulous either way.

  7. i love her t shirt and the leather pants :). nice style anyway

  8. This is IKEDA HIRARI, isn’t it??
    Or maybe just a look alike? *.*

  9. Does anyone think that this is Hirari Ikeda?
    That’s not her style, but the face looks almost like Hirari’s…

  10. Hirari looks very pretty here, she became so edgy shaving her hair she loose her beuty