Punky Harajuku Guy & Girl w/ Kiss Shirt, Torn Stockings, Bindi & Spikes

Here’s a punk-inspired Harajuku couple who we spotted crossing the street near LaForet. Each one is cool, but they looked really good together!

The guy is wearing a shredded Kiss band t-shirt, skinny black jeans, and Dr. Martens boots. Accessories include a spike necklace, studded bracelets, and an Incase backpack. The girl is wearing a long knit sweater over a large-print t-shirt with a black net top, black shorts, torn stockings, and chunky platform shoes. Accessories include a knit cap with button(s) on it, a bindi (trendy with the Bubbles Harajuku kids right now), gauged ears, a can-lid earring, a nose piercing, a spike necklace, and a spike bracelet.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. Kirisima K

    Look into his eyes! Look at her ear !! It’s realy amasing!!! *O*

  2. Pink eyeshadow + black eyeliner seems to be the trend nowadays! I even saw a tutorial for it in the latest Kera. :)
    Love that girl’s coordinates!

  3. These pair looks amazing. I abolsutely love his torn KISS T-shirt (KISS fan speaking! LOL) and her super threatening spiky bracelet. Oh, and her shoes are awesome!

  4. dimtalis

    The girl’s ears are so amazing! The triple tunnels are so cool~

  5. love the blonde eyebrows and the makeup on the girl. amazing.
    i so badly wish i was japanese.

  6. aww yeah guy

    Totally cool style. love the kiss shirt, hate kiss band.

  7. She would be much more beautiful without the lens and the blond eyebrows. I think.

  8. Holograms

    Their style is nice! I love the holes on the Kiss shirt! A++++