“Push My Buttons” Top, K3 Platform Sandals & Vivienne Westwood in Harajuku

Cocomi works for the Japanese brand VlliVlli, as well as being a fashion blogger. We see her often around Harajuku and she’s always stylish.

In addition to her cute short orange hairstyle, Cocomi is wearing a “Push My Buttons” crop top from Bubbles Harajuku under a black lace top from Sankaku, a Vision Street Wear skirt, Style Icon Tokyo socks, and K3&Co x Very Brain x Cannabis Ladies platform sandals with cherries. Accessories include a Justin Davis ring, a Juicy couture bracelet, several silver necklaces, a black beanie, colorful hair decorations (a gift from Momo), and a Vivienne Westwood Anglomania tote bag.

Cocomi’s favorite shop is Room by VlliVlli and she enjoys the music of Paramore. For more info, find her on Twitter or Instagram.

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  1. Angelica

    Hi there … the colorful hair accessorie … from momo … do you have a webpage where I can buy those? Been looking for them quit some time now … great look. :-)

  2. Cute hair,cute style :3 and she likes paramore!!