Qlozet Staffer in Dark Harajuku Street Fashion w/ Qlozet, Growing Pains & GlamHate

Meet Cham, a Qlozet staffer with an edgy all-black ensemble that caught our eye in Harajuku.

Cham wore a black-and-white striped tee under a V-neck knit sweater with extra long sleeves from Qlozet. They styled them with black leather pants from Growing Pains and black sneakers from Nike. Cham also wore a Qlozet black beret decorated with patches, a GlamHate necklace with a silver chain strap, and a Elephant Tribal Fabrics black sling bag strapped on one shoulder. Dark eye makeup and oversized hoop earrings provided the finishing touches to this edgy look.

Cham lists Qlozet as a fashion favorite, and they are active on both Instagram and Twitter.

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