Qojelly Sweater + Joy Division Pin in Shibuya

This cute Japanese couple wearing matching necklaces was photographed in Shibuya. The guy is wearing sunglasses, a leather jacket with a Joy Division pin, skinny jeans, and leather boots. Everything he is wearing – with the exception of his watch – is black. He said that one of his favorite fashion brands is Seditionaries.

The girl is wearing a cool knit sweater from the Japanese brand Qojelly over several other layers of clothing, black leggings, and black shoes. She said that two of her favorite brands are Qojelly and Jelly Garcia (the popular Hideaki Sakaguchi fashion brand recently relaunched as The Dress & Co.). They both said they are wearing accessories from the Japanese brand And A, though they didn’t specify which items those might be.

As far as music, the guy said he likes The Horrors. She said she prefers the 80Kidz and electro.

Knit Sweater & Leather Jacket

Zipper Necklace

Guy in Leather Jacket

Joy Divison Pin & Sunglasses

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  1. sashaysashay

    The guy looks like he just stepped out of the matrix

  2. MissKelevra

    Lol XD I was thinking the same. I thought this was sooo matrix like and then I scrolled down and saw ur comment XD.