Quilted Overcoat Tokyo Fashion w/ Hatra Long Coat, Dior Blazer, Toga Flare Pants, Lilac Ruffle Tote, Gucci Statement Rings & Square Toe Boots

Meet Zu-min, a 21-year-old student who caught our eye while we were out and about in Harajuku.

Zu-min is wearing a burgundy Hatra quilted long coat, layered over a navy blue Dior blazer and navy blue Toga flare pants. He styled his outfit with a pair of square toe boots and a Lilac tote bag with ruffle detailing. To accessorize, Zu-min wore a couple of Gucci statement rings and a Toga Pulla belt.

Toga, Maison Margiela, Hatra and Chloma are Zu-min’s favorite fashion brands. He also shared with us that he likes listening to One Ok Rock, Yuri and Jin Dogg. Check out Zu-min on Instagram to see more of his style.

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