Radio Eva x Fugahum Evangelion 150 w/ Christian Dada x Underground Studded Loafers

Koxxxkiz couldn’t go unnoticed with his cool style: mixed prints, hoodie, sunglasses and pointy platform creepers.

He is wearing a RADIO EVA x FUGAHUM Evangelion 150 parka sweatshirt with matching shorts from the same collection, in galaxy print. His black rings are from F.E.A.R. and he carries a simple black clutch. He wore his Christian Dada x Underground platform loafers with white striped socks and printed tights.

Koxxxkiz told us he likes to shop at Vonaive, and that he’s available on Twitter as @Koxxxkiz. Look him up if you want to learn more about him!

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  1. Ahh, I’m kind of jealous of the parka ~ its meant to be the characters hair :3 He’s dressed it really well.

  2. The photographer style, especially the hair is pretty awesome too…