Raf Simons Sneakers & Yohji Jacket in Harajuku

This Japanese 18-year-old Japanese guy – a student at Sugino Fashion College – was photographed on the street in Harajuku. His outfit consists of a black Yohji Yamamoto jacket over a denim jacket, baggy pants from Mugendo, and yellow Raf Simons Pocket Trainer sneakers. His accessories include glasses, a scarf, a chain necklace, two Plaring rings, and a Dior shoulder bag. He said that his favorite fashion brand is Raf Simons and that his favorite band is Shounan no Kaze.

Raf Simons Sneakers in Harajuku

Yohji Yamamoto Coat in Harajuku

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  1. Are those the cuffs of the jacket or is are those gloves? I would really like to feel some cold, just for a change. Singapore is constant 33 degrees, although raining today!! =)

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