Rainbow Style in Harajuku w/ Handmade Hair Falls, Blue Lipstick, Volcan & Aphrodite, Kol Me Baby Cropped Jacket, WEGO Fishnets, Thank You Mart Furry Tote & YRU Platform Rainbow Sneakers

Sporting an eye-catching rainbow streetwear style on the streets of Tokyo after dark is Dolly, the 27-year-old English teacher we often feature.

In addition to her rainbow hair falls and colorful makeup, Dolly is dressed in a black oversized button down shirt from Volcan & Aphrodite, worn over Kol Me Baby layers consisting of a red leather cropped jacket, a purple fishnet top, and a white tank top. She paired her layered tops with an orange mini skirt, WEGO fishnet tights over half color tights, donned black socks over striped knee-high socks, and stepped into a pair of YRU rainbow platform sneakers. Dolly embellished her colorful style with handmade hair falls, a red spiked choker with a black chain and a pink furry tote bag from Thank You Mart.

Dolly lists Volcan & Aphrodite as her favorite fashion brand and she enjoys listening to Miyavi. Follow Dolly’s social media updates on Twitter and Instagram. Also, check out her Etsy online shop for Harajuku-inspired necklaces!

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